The best places to work for are considered keeping in mind the work environment, growth opportunities and providing empowerment keeping in mind as ability as the only benchmark. Here are the top 7 companies which provide these are the best places to work in India.

1. RMSI-


The Delhi based IT is considered to be the best company to work for in India. The company provides IT services in utilities, telecommunications. Information management and so on. Students as a fresher have been known to let go of higher paying jobs in order to join RMSI. It has 842 employees with centers in US, UK and Canada apart from India.

2. Google-


Google has slipped down to the number 2 spot employs double the people that RMSI does at 1682 people. Based in Hyderabad it offers freedom to its female employees by allowing them to bring their children at work. It also plans to build the biggest Global delivery center in the world outside US in Hyderabad expected to be ready by 2020.

3. Marriott Hotels-


The Popular Hotel chain employs more than 6500 people has more than 25 Hotels in the country with the first one being set up In Goa in 1999. Most recently the 25th luxury Hotel was opened in Mussoorie, hill station in Uttarakhand.

4. American Express-


The New-York based firm has around 9036 employees based out of Gurgaon and New Delhi. The firm has one of the highest retention rates among companies in the financial sector with a very low attrition rate.

5. SAP labs India-


The German based software firm has an employee strength of 4844 and provides a unique opportunity to their employees by letting them enjoy the first meal of the deal with the bosses in an informal manner.

6. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd(GCPL) –


Based out of Mumbai GCPL has around 2228 employees taking care of manufacturing, sales and distribution. It has seven manufacturing plants in India which manufactures soaps, hair dyes and toiletries. The work place of GCPL is known for providing empowerment to its employees and provides proper recognition to the work done resulting in a happy work culture and a favorable working environment.

7. INTUIT technology services-


The US based firm has around 806 employees on its payroll and is based out of Bangalore. The company has many initiatives launched which aims at better diversity practices- aimed towards providing empowerment irrespective of gender.

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