People of India are more likely to be get inspired from the bollywood movies. A mixture of all those stories, dramas, dance and suddenly  you stop at a point and have a look at what you did with your life so far. So make sure whatever plays in front of your eyes are worth watching.

Here’s a list of movies you should add to your bucket list before you turn 25.

1. Lakshyalakshya-2004-poster

20’s, that’s the time where we actually have no idea what we actually wanna do with our lives. But it’s not the time to regret, rather the time is to recognise your potential and live for what you are here for. And that’s what the movie is all about.

2. Zindagi na milegi dobarazindagi1

“My bwoy” trust me you are in a deep shit if you haven’t enjoyed your life yet. Like have you ever just switched off your phone, took a break from work and just went to explore the world? No! Then this is the time. You have your full life to worry about things but this is the golden time to explore the world, later you won’t be able to.

3. Dil chahta hai81ljXLzhvpL._SL1466_

There comes a time in everyone’s life, where we just desire to stop the time and never grow old. But as we have always learned time waits for none, this movie is exactly the same, it’s true and no matter how many times we watch we are gonna love it.

4.Rang De Basantirang-de-basanti-759

A time in our life where we are very aggressive about everything and a quick reactor, and the main reason is the system of our country. But what should we really do? Instead of discussing over with each other, if you really want a change be the one for the change.

5. Wake up Sid

Wake up Sid movie poster with Ranbir Kapoor

What are your plans for life? is it what you have been doing so long? Do you still want to live life on your dad’s money and not on your own terms? If no! Wake up, it’s high time to get over those things and come up with a new you.

6. Rockstarrockstar_bollywood_movie_poster___4_

A movie that truly depicts the real condition of every youngster. An incomplete love story with pain in heart and lot of aggression that changes into something constructive.

7. Fashion


We all are well aware about the bad world of film industry and modelling. No doubt people gets fascinated towards fashion and many wants them as a career, there’s nothing bad in it, but this movie came with a wonderful message about all the ups and down you are going to face throughout.

8. Yeh jawani hai deewani


It’s all about just leaving everything behind and following your dreams and passion. Youngsters still have a

impact of this movie, many loved for the friendship, or the love story but it’s about following your dreams.

9. Shaitaan493efd6ac1b5c6cf4357f6c6bb7e79cb

A phase where everyone lives in denial, anger. we all feel like we have grown up but think about it? Are you really grow up? We all allow people to enter our life very soon and once we get ditched we are heartbroken. But it’s time to take our life serious and know who are the people going to be with you all your life.

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