Paratha or Paranthas as they are popularly known as is a popular breakfast item in India. They are a type of flat Indian bread which is made by baking the dough on a pan and then they are shallow fried to top it off. It is extremely popular in Punjab where they are consumed literally every day. Their popularity Is event from the fact that they have a street named ‘Parathe wale Galli’ in Delhi, where a variety of parathas are served. In this article we will take a look at 10 most famous types of parathas in India.

1. Aloo Paratha:


Most popular variety of the paratha, a spicy potato mixture is used as a filling in the paratha. Bake it and then shallow fry it with ghee to make your paratha and enjoy it with some curd or pickle.

2. Gobi Paratha:


It is a paratha which has the stuffing of a mashed cauliflower and spices according to you taste. It is quick and easy to make and Is very popular in the state of Punjab.

3. Methi Paratha:


Made using fresh fenugreek leaves, and is a great accompaniment to any side dish or curry. It is highly nutritious as methi helps in lowering blood sugar and constipation. Making a methi paratha is a great and delicious way of adding methi in our diet.

4. Paneer Paratha:

Paneer Paratha , Paneer Recipes

Made using a cottage cheese filling, mash the paneer up with a processor and add generous fillings to the dough and then fry it. The dish is a little on the heavier side so it will full for a longer time. Tastes great when taken along with yoghurt.

5. Onion Paratha:


For the filling we take chopped onion, green chili and coriander leaves which may nor may not be sautéed before adding to the dough. They are then shallow fried and topped with a cube of butter at the top which melts into the paratha giving it a heavenly taste.

6. Mooli Paratha:


A traditionally Gujarati affair, it is made using grated radish as a filling. Ensure that the juice is squeezed out of the radish, otherwise the paratha might break off while frying. A very nutritious and a filling eat, is enjoyed best with a mango pickle.

7. Sattu Paratha:


Sattu is basically toasted gram flour and are extremely nutritious with their high fiber content. A popular delicacy from Bihar, the filling of sattu is spiced up with roasted chili before being added to the dough and then shallow fried. Goes great along with pickle.

8. Cheese paratha:


The Indian pizza, isn’t it? The cheese paratha’s filling is made with grated cheese and mixed with a small amount of spice. Make sure that you consume them relatively quickly after frying them as they turn chewy when they are cold.

9. Chana Dal Paratha:


Another offering from Punjab, the filling is stuffed with grams, tomatoes and spices. Ensure that the chana dal Is soaked for some amount of time, to make them soft before you mash them to make the filling. Can be eaten with either pickle, yoghurt or butter.

10. Mixed Vegetable Paratha:


A great choice if you’re going for a brunch as it is quite heavy. The goodness of vegetables makes for an unbeatable combo with the delicious paratha. A great way to include vegetables in the diet for kids, vegetable used are cabbage, carrot, Spring onions and Capsicum.


These are the most famous varieties of parathas found in India. The list has been kept strictly vegetarian so that a wider audience can enjoy these variants away from the conventional plain paratha.




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