Mumbai’s dabbawalas are famous throughout India, and the way they work, they manage, their management skills are appreciated all over India and not only this, their management skills are taught right from IIM-A to Harvard. Isn’t it great? so, here are some facts about them which you definitely didn’t know and i bet you are going to be in a surprise for a while and surely you’ll be wishing to learn at least a bit from them and if we could really imply that in our hectic schedule.

1. EVERY DAY around 2,00,000 deliveries are done!


2. And the best part about this is that they never go wrong in delivering dabbas to the person whom it belongs. The odd may be 1 in 16 million. This is really appreciable!

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3. They are not supposed to drink any alcohol and they have to maintain a strict dress code.


4. 50 Crores! yes, that’s an annual turnover of the organisation.


5. In spite of not being an full-fledged “organization”, they have a team leader that keep changing from time to time to keep everyone motivated and to give everyone an equal chance.


6. 60 across Mumbai is covered by around 5000 dabbawalas.


7. This is really great! They are the equal shareholders in “dabbawala trust”, rather than just being an employers.


8. The dabbawalas are provided with same number of clients so that they can enjoy the same and equal pay without any discrimination.

Dabbawala,the lifeline of Mumbai.

9. One of the best things you’ll love is, unlike all Indians and other deliveries 98% of the time, they are “ON TIME”.


I’m sure you are surprised to read this, and definitely you loved them for their hard work. No matter what the weather portrays, they’ll be on time as always with the right dabba. So, if each one of us tries to be like them, trust me, India will be developed country.

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