India has 28 states, and is quite famous for its variety in cuisines and also the variety it offers in drinks and beverages. Some of them prove out to be not only tasty but healthy too. Let’s have a look on some of them:

1. Masala chai


This is one of the most famous beverage among Indians, made by black tea mixing some herbs and aromatic Indian spices. you can find many tea stalls on every street and on highways.

2. Chaach


This is basically a slight sour milk, that people usually have in warm climate. This is also known by various names such as Tak, Majige, Moru and chaach. they have a very unique flavour.

3. Aam panha


This is the best thing people can have in summers to save themselves from sun stroke, and it even helps in maintaining body temperature during summers. It is sour in taste made from unripe mangoes and various stuffs like jeera powder, mint, coriander leaves are added making it tastier.

4. Thandai

thandai (1)

Considered as the favourite drink of Lord shiva. made from milk by adding some dry fruits, making it tasty and healthy. People usually have this on shivaratri by mixing bhaang in it.

5. Lassi


It basically originates from Punjab, and a very famous yogurt drink. It’s both a sweet as well as sour flavoured. It comes in variations like mango, rose, bhaang lassi etc.

6. Shikanjee

shikanji (1)

Another refreshing drink for summer. Made by water, lemon and sugar. In Hindi known as shikanjee or nimbu paani and in English it is termed as lemonade. A sour flavoured drink is rich in vitamin C.

7. Kokum Sharbat


Yet another drink for summer and also good for digestion. It’s a sweet drink made from either kokum squash or Garcenia Indica, famous in Maharashtra.

8. Jal jeera


A very popular drink made by mixing cumin, black pepper, ginger, mint, black salt and the basic powder used to make this drink.

9. Mahua


You  might have heard about this. This is an alcoholic drink made by mahua flower, mostly common among tribes of Chhattisgarh. Mahua flowers are also used as traditional medicines

10. Fennyimage


Made by either cashew apple or coconut, basically a local drink of Goa. It can easily be found in every shacks and bars and restaurants that to at a very cheap rate.

11. Toddy


It is an alcoholic beverage made by mixing all the species from palm tree, such as, date palms, coconut palms, palmyra. This is basically a palm wine known by different names at different places, such as toddy in Kerala, Kallu in Andhra Pradesh and Tadi in Madhya Pradesh.

12. Kosna


It is a traditional drink that people have as festival feature. It’s a rice beer commonly known and drunk by people of states such as Assam, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh. This is known by many different names like chhang, sonti, chuak.

13. Sol Kadi


Commonly famous in coastal India. This is basically a Konkani drink with a tint of light coconut base and kokum. It has a unique flavour and pink coloured creamy beverage is a must try thing in Goa and Maharashtra.

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