Double decker trains have been in operation in India since 2012 with the first of them being the Ahmedabad-Mumbai superfast Double decker. Since then, its popularity has increased and there is also a need to ferry an increased number of passengers on certain routes and so there has been a total of 8 routes while ply double decker trains in India. Check them out


1. Ahmedabad to Mumbai Central 


Runs between the Mumbai Central and Ahmedabad Junction once a day, six days a week. It has 12 AC chair cars and 2 EOG cars. It covers a distance of 491 kilometers in a little over 7 hours and has an average speed of 70 km/hr.

2. Chennai to Bangalore


It is the first double decker to ply in South India and plies between the two metro cities. It comprises of 10 Chair cars and 2 compartments for Passenger Luggage and Guards room with the total composition coming up to 12. The train has a GPS- based passenger information system which provides real time information about the train’s speed and distance to the next station.

3. Jaipur to Delhi Sarai Rohila


A superfast express train that runs on a daily basis between the Jaipur Junction to Delhi Sarai Rohila via Alwar, Rewari and Gurgaon and presently comprises of 13 AC chair cars, 2 executive class cars and 2 EOG coaches. It covers a distance of 303 kilometers in 3.5 hours with an average speed of 67 km/hr.

4. Guntur to Kacheguda


A superfast express that operates twice weekly and is the first of a kind operation between the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It comprises of 10 chair cars and covers a distance of 287 kilometers in 3 hours stopping only 4 times in-route. Standout features of the train include Very Early Smoke detection system, the first of its kind used in India.

5. Kacheguda to Tirupati  befunkyimg0633jpg

A superfast express which connects the cities of Hyderabad and Tirupati, which connects the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Comprises of 10 AC chair cars, it operates twice every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays and covers a total distance of 636 kilometers.

6. Mumbai to Goa 


The latest of the double decker trains to be introduced on 7th December 2015 it operates tri-weekly on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from Mumbai the Shatabdi Express connects the cities of Mumbai and Madgaon. It covers a distance of 750 kilometers in just under 12 hours. The train has a seating capacity of 120 passengers in its 8 chair car coaches.

7. Lucknow to New Delhi Anand Vihar


First double train service to be implemented in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the train operates twice a week on Friday and Sunday. It covers a total distance of 480 kilometers in about 8.5 hours and stops just thrice on route. It is the fifth dedicated train service between Lucknow and Delhi.

8. Indore to Bhopal Intercity Express


Rounding of the list, this is another superfast AC service which runs within the state of Madhya Pradesh connecting its two major cities. It comprises of 11 chair cars all f which are equipped with real time GPS service. It covers a distance of 263 kilometers in just over 4 hours and is operated daily.

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