Young minds are becoming more curious these days. If we talk about being a quick learner, they grasp things very easily, their minds are full of creativity. Our education system has made the students a “bookworm”, but these people came out of the box and thought of something very different and created such innovative things.

1. Alerts to prevent accident!


Pradyumna Kumar Pal  and Rahul Kumar, Patna, Bihar.

Many accidents take place these days due to passengers, putting their hands outside the window of bus. In order to avoid these accidents these students created a system that warn drivers if any of the passenger’s hand is outside.

2. Water Purifier at source!


Soring Lepcha and Subhash Prodhan, Sikkim.

The main motive behind this innovation was to ensure purified water from the source itself so that people need not to invest anything extra for getting purified water as it has become an urge of need.

3. Reversible benches at parks!


Simran Chadha, Ludhiana, Punjab.

Now, this is something creative. Usually due to rain and dirt the benches become useless until it gets dry, so in order to remove such difficulty this was invented so that it can be used from the other side too by reversing it.

4. Gas lighter with leakage alarm!


Nilesh Ras, Patna, Bihar.

A lighter was created to sense if gas was leaking because many mishaps occur these days. This device alarms you when the gas leaks or may be when you are in danger.

5. Dustbin!


Prem Ranjan Singh, Ankush Pal, Shivani Singh,  Daman & Diu.

These students created two different dustbins for bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable wastes and alarm the municipality when the bin if full and needs to be emptied.

6. Passcode in gas stove!


Nim Lepcha, Sikkim.

This is the best thing I have come across. All the children are very curious to do the thing for what they are not allowed. A system in gas stove which won’t let you start until the passcode is provided. This is the safest thing for children.

7. Coloured thermometer!


Jaspreet Kaur and Janmejay Rathore, Bangalore

This thermometer has three colours indicating different level of requirements. Red indicates emergency, Orange for intermediate temperature and Green for normal. Sometimes it even makes call in case of emergencies.

8. Soundproof hammer!


Prithwish Dutta, Howrah

And another example of creativity, where, when hammer is struck no sound comes out and get intact within the foam which the hammer has.

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