The true joy of riding bike, only bikers can understand. For people like them, they need nothing just their bikes even some of them consider them as their sweethearts. So all bikers there, you might not be knowing but India is a great place for fulfilling your passion. Various places where you can ride bike and the calmness there is just unbeatable. Have a look to the list where you can enjoy bike riding and even you can know country’s diversity in a broader way.

1. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh
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Spiti valley located in the beautiful State of Himachal Pradesh is a great location. The place is basically known for its thrill and adventure. This is one of the most beautiful places where you can enjoy joyful bike ride.

2. Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir


Somewhat, similar like Spiti Valley, so if you fail to plan for Spiti valley you can easily enjoy the view here itself. There is no much difference, as beautiful as the place is and the calmness is just non-comparable.

3. Western Arunachal Pradesh


This is considered one of the most beautiful places for bike rides in India. Though you are not going to get a highway or plane roads, you  might be facing lot of hurdles and landslides, but trust me, the beauty of nature makes it all worth. If you are an adventurous person you can surely include this in your list. The beautiful mountains, waterfalls, human settlements, rough roads, the tribal culture makes it even more beautiful.

4. Keralatamilnadu-biking

Riding bike in Kerala is a heavenly experience. It is known as the land of greenery, lighthouses and beaches. The bike ride experience in Kerala can be started from Cochin To the Southern Ghats where wide variety of wild life is seen. One comes to see many rubber and tea plantations throughout the journey.

5. Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu

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This hill is situated in the eastern part of Tamil Nadu. The scenic beauty of this place will mesmerize you for sure! The most exciting feature of the place is the 70 continuous bends. The ancient Shiva temple, the Agaya Gangai waterfall and the pineapple farms makes it even more famous. A bike ride from Bangalore to Kolli Hills is not a bad idea!

6. Mumbai to Goa


Probably it is the most popular road trip route and it actually deserves the fame. A trip along the western coastline through NH17 is probably the most famous road trip one can experience. NH17 connects Kerala and Mumbai, so in case one is not satisfied with the trip from Mumbai to Goa you can simply head towards the famous state of Kerala.

7. Darjeeling to Sikkim

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Another famous road trip route in India is from Darjeeling to Sikkim. The scenic beauty from East to the destination makes this trip unforgettable. The windy roads and the steeps makes it a difficult one and your adrenaline rushing. For a nature lover this trip is indeed a good idea. The view of Kanchenjunga makes it even more beautiful.

8. Delhi to Corbett to Nainital


The ride from Delhi to Corbett turns picturesque as one enters Ramnagar.  The experience of viewing the small jungles to actual forests will make you remember this trip forever. The windy roads, forests and the fruit orchards all leads to the beautiful city of Nainital.

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