India is counted among the mysterious countries with its rich culture and mythology. We have been hearing so many stories from our dadis and nanis which we probably believed but still there are some strange stories whose reality are yet to be answered. Here’s a list of some places with full of mysteries.

1. The Jodhpur Boom


One night on December 18,2012 , the people of Jodhpur were startled by sudden, deafening sound. It came from nowhere causing an sonic boom which sounded more aggressive to the people and nature just like that of massive explosion. But what the strangest part was , that there were no planes present in that area and still it’s a mystery, what the sound was all about?

2. The Nine Unknown Men


What Illuminati is to western World, exactly that’s The Nine Unknown Men is for India. This is basically a powerful secret society that was formed by Emperor Asoka in 273 BC when 100,000 men lost their lives in a bloody battle. They were handed the work of preserving secret information which, if given to uninitiated, would be dangerous. They are spread in all over the world with a  prominent positions but there’s a rumour that all of them are not Indians.

3. The Village of Twins


There’s a village in Kerala “Kodinhi”, which has a secret. The village claims to have an abnormal number of twins,  because usually  the numbers go like 4 out of every 1000 in India but in this village the number of twins is 45  per every 1000. This is really strange and doctors are still finding the reason, whether its hereditary or something different what they eat. Whatever the reason may be, this is still a mystery for us.

4. The cursed village of Kuldhara


For around 500 years, the village was occupied by over 1500 residents, suddenly one night they all disappeared. Some say the reason was something regarding taxation whereas some says the story of love about  young couple. whatever the reason was, all left and according to people they cursed that no will ever be able to live there. And yes the weird sounds and paranormal activities doesn’t allow the people to stay. Even those who tried to take the land for other purpose died a brutal death.

5. The magnetic hill of Ladakh


There’s a magnetic hill in Ladakh and quite a strange thing. If you leave your car neutral on the way that leads to top of the Himalayas, it automatically gets attracted towards the hill at the speed of 20/km.

6. The Taj Mahal conspiracy


Taj Mahal has always been known to us for its beauty and the eternal love. But is it so? Some of the evidences claim that the building wasn’t actually built by Shah Jahan, rather it was built 300years ago and it was the temple to worship Lord shiva named as Tejo Mahalya. Only renovation was done in order to make a new one. Now the truth remains a mystery.










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