Stupas are something having a hemispherical structure that were used by Buddhists monks for the purpose of meditation. There are several Stupas that are so beautiful and worth watching.

1. Dhamek stupa-sarnath


This stupendous stupa is situated at Sarnath that is 13 kms away from Varanasi. This was built by Mauryan king Asoka and is known as the earliest stupas. This is around 43.6 in height and cylindrical in shape.

2. Great stupa-Sanchi


In central India, this is one of the oldest and most important stupa. This is situated in Sanchi town 46 km from Bhopal.

3. Kesariya stupa-Champaran


This is considered as the tallest and largest Buddhists stupas in ancient times. This is special attraction for site view in Bihar.

4. Maha Stupa-Thotlakonda


Maha stupa is one of the ancient brick work and a great attraction for Buddhists monks. In order to build a monastery complex including universities, chaityas and viharas.

5. Amaravati stupa-Amaravati


The stupa is famous and important place for Buddhism situated between Krishna and Godavari rivers.

6. Bavikonda Stupa-Vishakhapatnam


16 kms away from Vishakhapatnam city, located on the hills. The archaeological department of India discovered the remains of Buddha, potteries, coins and bricks over here.

7. Ramabhar Stupa-Kushinagar


It’s a dome shaped Buddhists monument built at height of 49 feet. This is one of the most important site for Buddhism because here Buddha attained Par nirvana after his death.

8. Do-drul chorten stupa-Gangtok


This is one of the most important and largest Stupa in Sikkim. This was built by Trulshik Rinpoche in Gangtok, situated near by Research Institute of Tibet logy.

9. Mahabodhi stupa-Bodh Gaya


In Bodh Gaya, The Mahabodhi Temple is the popular Buddhist temple. It’s situated nearly 96 kms from Patna. It has a tallest tower around 55 metres including Bodhi tree in the complex itself.

10. Clement Town stupa-Dehradun


This is situated near the Rajaji National park, Dehradun. This is considered as the world’s largest stupa with a height of 103 feet.

11. Namgyalma stupa-Dharamshala


This is located in the city of McLeodganj which is a famous tourist place even. This is a sacred place for Tibetans to worship and it is a dome-shaped mountain which have the remains of Buddha.

12. Chaukhandi stupa-Sarnath


One of the important stupa of Buddhist, located 13 kms from Varanasi. This is the place where Buddha met his first disciples and now it is managed by the Archaeological survey of India.

13. Deorkothar stupa-Rewa


This place is known for Buddhists stupas and is an Archaeological Survey location in Madhya Pradesh. This is credited to Ashoka-the great, mauryan emperor.

14. Peace Pagoda


Peace Pagoda are 7 Buddhist white domed stupa built around India by Japanese Buddhist at  Ladakh Shanti Stupa, Shanthi Stupa Rajgir,Shanthi Stupa Vaishali,Shanthi Stupa Darjeeling,Shanti Stupa Wardha,Shanti Stupa Dhauli Giri and Shanti Stupa Delhi.

15. Smriti Park stupa-Patna


The Buddha Smriti Park is located just in the front of Patna junction, and was inaugurated by Dalai Lama on Lord Buddha’s birth anniversary. This is a attraction that includes museum, Bodhi trees, park of memories and stupa.

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