The world travel award held in Morocco concluded and awarded the GVK lounge of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport at Mumbai as the ‘World’s best Airport Lounge- First Class 2015’. After Delhi, the airport of Mumbai is making our country proud. The airport introduced CSIA International Terminal 2 majorly for the passengers traveling in the Business and First class. It was awarded as the world’s best lounge at the Finale of World Travel Awards 2015.


The lounge provides its passengers with exclusive hospitality services to ensure the comfort of guests who stay there. As the Oscars are for the film industry so is the World Travel Awards for the tourism. The chief operating officer, Mr. Gaurav Dewan said that they could have expected more for their hard work and effort they had put in making of the lounge. The passengers are given the five star hotel facilities with highly luxurious services. The lounge consists of highly talented crew who take good care of their guests. The food served consists of both Indian and International talents. The lounge has already been awarded as the Asia’s leading lounge of airport two months back.


The private rooms, spa treatments, the lavishing shower facilities all add to the reason behind the lounge for being the best. It is located at the level 3 and 4 at Terminal 2. The lounge is divided into 3 parts to serve to different tastes: The first class, the premium class and the business class. The different section gives different facilities to the guests. The first class ensure the dining, spa, relaxing facilities. The premium class provides privacy to the guests. It provides personalized services like foot and body massage, smokers’ area etc. While the business class offers the guest facilities that one wants when on a busy and tiring business trip. Guests are offered many additional services like smokers’ area, foot massage, barista service and many more.

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