1. Paragliding in Solang, Himachal Pradesh


Twenties is the time for adventure sports- so why not indulge in some paragliding at Solang. Fly across picturesque landscapes and soak in the stunning views of the Himalayan mountains, this is a must visit.

2. Adventure sports in Rishikesh, Uttarkhand


Indulge in some adventure by exploring the untamed waters of the Ganges in the form of River rafting, Hiking, Rock climbing and much more at the adventure capital of India. These thrills aren’t for the faint hearted!

3.  Kalka to Shimla in a Toy Train


Hop into a toy train and visit wonderland in the form of the journey to Shimla from Kalka. There are also toy train options in Darjeeling and Ooty. The choo-chooing of the trains as they go through narrow passes and climb up steep hills while you experience the beauties of nature counts as a must do.

4. Kaziranga National Park, Assam


Avail yourself of either a jeep or an elephant safari and get ready to be overwhelmed by a vivid diversity of flora and fauna on offer. And if you’re in the mood you can also get bathed by an elephant!

5. Konark Temple, Orissa


This beautiful temple in Orissa is richly decorated and is dedicated to the Sun God and is one of the three temples which form the golden triangle along with Sree Jagannath temple and the Lingraj temple.

6. Golden temple, Amritsar


Exploring the religious sites also in the country is also a must do. Visit the pinnacle monument of the Sikhs, just sitting in the Gurudwara which will offer you a place to contemplate, Bathe in the holy waters and do some volunteering in India’s largest kitchen, it all is worth it.

7. Dhuandhar Falls, Jabalpur


The raging water from these waterfall emits a mist of smoke as it flows and emit a roaring sound which will leave you mesmerized.

8. Raas-leela, Mathura


Indulge yourself in a plethora of colors in a festival which celebrates Lord Krishna’s living philosophy. It may be an overwhelming experience for a few, but experiencing it will give you memories which last a lifetime.

9. Exploring Coorg


Known as Scotland of the south, this hill station it is very near to Bangalore and offers a place to just wind down and relax. Explore it to reenergize yourself.

10. Explore an offbeat sanctuary in Binsar, Almora


For all those wildlife lovers here’s a haven which offers it all- dense jungles, peace and chills. Explore this sanctuary for an awesome experience.

11. Ghats of Banaras


The city has beautiful river Ghats where once can contemplate and look for a spiritual inspiration. One can definitely go there to explore the royal mess with its own unique charms.

12. Volunteering in a Buddhist monastery in Sikkim


Feel the peace and tranquility Buddhism has to offer, helping out to the ones in need and doing something which leaves an effect in someone’s life is a truly awesome feeling.

13. Driving through Bandipur’s forests


One of the best places in India if you are in the mood for long drives, Bandipur also offers its fair share of wildlife in the form of deer, snakes, wild cats etc. and greenery.

14. Long drive at Marine drive, Mumbai


To take a break from life, take a car put on some soft music and let go with a drive along the rocky beaches of Mumbai.

15. Listening to qawwalis at Nizam’s Dargah, Delhi


Of the great cultural diversifying experiences that the capital can offer, stopping by and witnessing a live Qawwali session at the Dargah will leave you mesmerized.


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