Who does not want to have a wonderful trekking experience in the chilly winters. If one wants to enjoy the season as well as an exciting and challenging trek, see no further for the mesmerising and mighty Himalayas come to your rescue. The Himalayas provide one of the most thrilling adventures in the country and the knee deep snow further enhance the prospective of it being more interesting. Although it is difficult to pic any specific one, some of the famous winter trekking trails in these mountains are Prashar Lake, Kedarkantha, Chamba, Sandakphu, Dzongri and Nag Nibba Treks.



Suited best just before winter season, the trek begins from Dalhousie and passes through Khajjar when it finally makes its stop at Chamba. Additional interests include the famous Khajjar Sanctuary amd some spectacular sights of the Dhauladar range while enjoying the trekking experience. The path is mostly rocky with a moderate amount of snowy. The difficulty of this particular trek is considered to be perfect for those who just want to begin their steep mountain trekking lifestyle.



This trek is very popular especially because of its pictorial wonders. In fact, it has often been termed as a photographer’s paradise. The trek offers views of one of the tallest peaks in the world including that of the Makalu and Lhotse ranges and the top peaks in the world, Kanchanjunga and the Everest.
The trek begins from Jaubhari and also has Kalapokhri (also referred to as the Black Pond) along the path, before reaching the Sandakphu peak. The best time that one would prefer to go for this trek would be slightly before the year end when the scenic beauty of the mornings looks even more spectacular.


Prashar Lake

The Parashar Lake or the Prashar Lake is a very popular lake in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. The main history of the lake is associated with its mythological stories. Its named after a sage. The lake also has a temple nearby that dates back the 1200s.
The lake is situated at around 50km from Mandi and is believed to give a true trekking experience if visited at the correct time of the year, suggested around February.



This trek is pitched in Uttarkhand in the Lesser Himalayas. The trekking trails gives two options. One can opt for a route via the Pantwari village to the peak. One can also take the Devalsari route that lies at about 50km away from Mussoorie. The route covers forests and also wonderful valleys and various ranges.



The trek is best suited around April and belongs to the valleys of Sikkim. Early trekking is not possible due to the extreme conditions and thus the period is extremely exclusive.



The trek starts from Dehradun and is in the Greater Himalayas. Yet it is considered one of the easier treks. The trek goes from Mussoorie via Sankri to Kedarkantha. The trek has flexible timings and one can go for it across the entire winter season.

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