A famous quotes by Ruskin Bond “And when all the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful!”
As we have already left 2015 behind, we need to look back and appreciate the beauty of people who really helped us and made us proud and became a true inspiration and hope for us. Many times the people of India made us proud for being a part of this incredible country. They made us believe in the hope, humanity, happiness and pride of being called a citizen of this country.

1. When an inspiring rag picker spoke at the international conference


A 50 years old rag picker from Pune, Suman More runs an organization of 9000 member named ‘Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat’ and gave a new identification to the waste pickers. In 2015 she spoke in the international conference which was organised by International Labour Organization in Geneva before 2000 experts.

2. When this 11 year old became the world’s first visually impaired news anchor


A visually disabled 11 years old kid of class 5, T Sriramanujam, achieved his dream of becoming a news reader. His first live bulletin was of 22 minutes which he read with the help of Braille

3. When a Muslim girl won the Bhagwad Gita Championship and Donated the Prize Money for the Education of Girls


Maryam Siddiqui won the Bhagwad Gita competition and was honoured by many repudiated politicians of our country. She returned the money back with a note, that it should be used for the education of girls.

4. Many Beautiful Stories of Communal Harmony Kept our Hopes Alive


A Hindu who wrote Prophet Muhammad’s biography, in Marwari. A Muslim who performed his friend’s last rights and a Hindu who opened the pandal of Ganesha for the Muslim to perform Eid, they all helped us to break the religious differences penetrating in the society.

5. When 17-Year-Old Built a Bridge to Help Slum Kids Reach School

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When this 17 years old Eshan Balbale saw the children in Sathe Nagar walking every day through a dirty sewage of 1.5 km to reach school. He builds a bamboo bridge of 100 ft long and 4 ft wide in just 8 days.

6.When Karnataka Government Honoured a Transgender


Akkai Padmashali has been fighting for the rights of her community for years. Among the 60 people who were given the prestigious Karnataka Rajyotsava Award in 2015 she was the one who also received it.

7. When a cab driver created a roof top garden on his taxi


A taxi driver Mr Dhananjay Chakraborty from Kolkata has kept potted plant in the trunk of his cab and has planted grass on the top. Green chariot is what he calls his cab which is a great way to promote greenery and healthy living.

8. A man who filled 1100 pot holes with his pension money


A 67 year old Gangadhara Tilak Katnam, a retired railway employee had quit his job to fill the pot holes alone in Hyderabad. In two and a half years he filled approximately 1125 pot holes.

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