Saree is the most desirable as well as traditional clothing among Indian women. For every auspicious occasion, ethnic wear is the preferred choice, with the woman wearing a saree. It is a sensuous outfit which makes you look attractive and charming. Classic sarees will always be popular but with the fashion revolution changes have been made to the fabric, material, and design principles. If you are a fashion enthusiast, and love to experiment these are the ones you should keep an eye on.

1. Banarasi Silk Sarees:


The famous Banarasi silk sarees are a must for every bride. Influenced by Persian culture and came into existence during the Mughal era, they are infused with gleaming golden and silver zari (threads) and woven on heavy gauge silks. Plants, flowers, animals and architectural ornaments are depicted in design, and its multicolored threading adds to the elegant look and feel.

2. Kanchipuram Sarees:


These sarees come with a bold color contrasting combinations which are loved by all. Striped styled pallus along with wide borders and colored zari still woven in a Tribal style are the hallmark features of the sari. Kanchipuram sarees are handspun, and the silk base is than any other silk saree which makes the saree better in quality and more durable. Wear with a minimal amount of jewelry to let the saree be the attention seeker.

3. Tant Sarees:


Originating from West Bengal Tant sarees are known for vibrant colors and is made with a thin muslin cloth which are transparent and very comfortable, making it ideal to wear it in summer. The lightness of the saree cloth combined with an exquisite silk threadwork made in the pallus gives it a uniform pattern to the saree whose body is also covered in tiny floral or ornamental designs. Can be worn both in casual and ethnic occasions these are the first choice of Bengali women and are quite popular all over India.

4. Chanderi Sarees:


Made with a mix of silk and cotton it is very light and hence a popular choice among Indian women. Plain patterned, and pastel colored they have a narrow border- though wider border sarees are also available. These sarees have a simple striped pallu or may even come in striped or dotted prints all over the body. They are famous for giving an airy feel and are an absolute delight to wear.

5. Sambalpuri Sarees:


The pride of Orissa, they are made of a mixture of tussar, silk, and cotton, and it takes almost five weeks to dye the fibers of the saree. The main attractive feature is that only natural colors are used to dye the sari, and a variety of color options is available. The design pattern is available in the form of the floral pattern, fish or even conch shells. The colors and fabrics are very durable due to attention to detail put in while weaving them and are adorned in either single or double ikkat. Wear them along with elegant jewelry to bring out the best in you.

6. Bandhani Sarees:


These are traditional bandhej sarees available in Rajasthan and Gujarat, which are hand tied and then died to put in an intricate design pattern. A unique pattern comes out on the application of a generous amount of wax. Hand stitching is then done over these patterns which are available in across a wide budget range and are available mainly in bright colors, not very surprising considering the cheerful nature of the local people.

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