1. Narendra Kumar


He is one of the young officers of the IPS. He is from banmore which is situated in Madhya Pradesh.  He is one of the finest officers and performs his works diligently. He was very actively involved in arresting the mining scam criminals.  He has made many efforts to assure that the precious mining minerals are preserved and they vehicles that carry illegal minerals get seized at the soonest. He was killed by a mining mafia.

2. Sagayam


He is one of the best officers from Tamil Nadu in the field of the civil services. With his great policies even the politicians were not spared and got punishments for their illegal working. He even played a vital role in the introduction of new government in the year 2012 in Madhurai. Because, of the great efforts that he put into the work, he was transferred several times by the big people, so that they could escape punishments.

3. Chandrakala


She is the ideal women for all those ladies who want to lead a meaningful life. This young IAS officer is known for acting in the quickest possible time and working for the welfare of children and women empowerment.

4. Armstrong Pame


He is the first person from the Zeme Tribe of Nagaland who became an IAS officer. The man made commendable efforts to complete a road that was incomplete inspite of receiving the grant from government. He gathered funds for the road by requesting people on facebook and his efforts did show great results. The road is now helping hundreds of people from the remote villages to travel to the hospitals and schools.

5. R. Sankaran

HYDERABAD. 07/10/2010:- Retired Indian Administrative Service officer S.R.Sankaran who passed away on Thursday afternoon in Hyderabad. Popular among Dalits and backward class communities, Mr Sankaran led a simple life. He formed Committee for Concerned Citizens (CCC) along with intellectuals and facilitated talks between the Government and CPI (Maoist). -.Photo:Mohammed_Yousuf

He took a great step for the bonded labours and this is the reason that he is still an ideal officer for all people. S.R.Sankaran was the man behind many rural welfare programmes in our country. The great work he did earned him friends as well as enemies, but he never compromised with his duty.

6. Shanmugam Manjunath


He was a civil servant from the state of Karnataka who had studied from IIM Lucknow. He was well known because of his anti-corruption practices. When he was employed with the Indian Oil Corporation, he got the petrol pumps of Lakhimpur, Kheri in Uttar Pradesh, which sold contaminated fuel shut. The pumps had begun operation within a month and when the young officer visited for surprise check, he was killed and found dead.

7. Dr Nazrulla Islam


He is a great diligent officer who worked to fight against the corrupt practices. Apart from being a great officer he is also an award winning Bengali writer, who promoted education in the villages. He donates the money he makes as royalty towards charity. The people have been greatly benefitted through his efforts, but he has received wrath of most of the politicians as he is frank and gives blunt opinions on the politicians.

8. Kiran Bedi


Kiran Bedi is not only the first woman to become an IPS officer, but also a very popular civil servant of India. She made great efforts towards the exploitation of women and also worked against drug abuse. She also initiated many beneficial practices for the prisoners. She won the Ramon Magsaysay Award in the year 1994 and also curbed illegal liquor trafficking.






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