In this new and modern era of social media, news and media drama; there seem to be a continuous tension between our Indian cricket team and media. The people’s pressure and expectations have been a tension for Indian cricket team for decades. There are times when the media crossed their lines, but the cricketers gave great replies in turn.

 1. Just a week ahead of the world cup, when our cool captain M S Dhoni became a father and was questioned by a reporter about what was playing in his mind, his response to him left everyone speechless..


“I am on national duty and everything else can wait.”

2. In India we people treat cricket like a religion and our captain understands that..


He said “I have 3 dogs at home, whether I lose or win they treat me the same.”

3. Again when our captain cool was asked by a reporter, whether he will answer personal questions. He very calmly replied


“You have every right to ask me that. That’s your prerogative. But I have every right not to answer. ”

4. When Sehwag was asked what is the difference between him and Sachin the answer was bang on.


“Our bank balance”

5. Again when Sehwag was asked by a reporter ‘Do you know you may never play for India again?’ His reply was very crispy.


“ Well, whose loss is that?”

6. Once Sachin was asked how he deals with critics and he nailed it with his reply.

“When people throw stones at you, you turn them into milestones.”

7. When Sourav Ganguly was asked how will his team handle Rawalpindi Express ( Shoaib Akthar), he gave the wittiest reply.


“We will try and pull the chain and stop the train midway.”

8. Reporter to M S Dhoni ‘Why India doesn’t have good fast bowlers like South Africa?’


He replied calmly “Indian spinners are better than South Africa, but you people never ask me about that.”

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