Karnataka is a unique blend of tradition as well as the IT hub. It has derived its rich heritage and culture from the erstwhile rulers.  Karnataka has been one of the top states of India which has preserved its cultural heritage at the same time encouraging development as well.

Below are some of the products that are unique to Karnataka.

1. Mysore Pak


The delicacy is produced in Karnataka and ranks as one of the best Indian sweets. Made with pure ghee, sugar and gram flour, it requires a lot of expertise to prepare the finest Mysore Paks. It has a divine taste that is sure to appeal to your taste buds. Made in Karnataka, Mysore Paks are often exported to the rest of the country and even abroad.

2. Channapatna Toys


Channapatna Toys are special wooden toys and one of the important handicrafts of Karnataka. Tipu Sultan invited artisans from Persia to impart the knowledge of making the toys to Indian artists in Karnataka. Since then the craft has stayed in Karnataka. Wooden toys have long been used as souveniers and artefacts and are also popular among children.

3. Sandalwood Items


Sandalwood items from Karnataka are very famous. Karnataka has rich forests of Sandalwood trees which are used to make many artefacts and also for medicinal purposes.

Sandalwood emits a pleasing fragrance and is often used in auspicious rituals like Pujas,marriages etc.  Sandalwood soaps are another popular item made from Sandalwood and sold in abundance in Karnataka.  The wood is used to make many items and is on the expensive side but has supreme quality.

4. Mysore Silk


Another famous product from Karnataka is Mysore silk.  Almost 70% of the mulberry silk in India is produced in Karnataka. The hand woven silk saris are of a superior quality with sublime designs. Mysore silk is quite famous and while a little bit expensive the intricately woven saris and garments do give you value for money.  Sarees and salwar kameez made of Mysore silk are quite popular.

5. Mysore Peta


The Mysore Peta or turban is colourful and rich attire which were worn by the Mysore kings. Made of silk with gold laces woven into them these Petas were a must have accessory of the men in the royal family. Petas were also given as a mark of respect to artisans or generals who had contributed with their outstanding work. Mysore is no longer ruled by Kings however the Petas are still made and sold. It is used by common people as well to accentuate their traditional attire.

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