India is a country rich in cultures, heritage and diversity in its various religions. For many years India has attracted foreigners as the land of Yoga, Ayurveda and spirituality. Some foreigners have even made India their home and left quite a memorable imprint.

Some of these who made a difference are as follows:

1. Mother Teresa


Mother Teresa was born to a Roman Catholic family in Macedonia and came to India as a Christian missionary. She founded the, ‘Missionaries of    Charity’ in Kolkatta which took care of people with Aids, Leprosy and tuberculosis and made India her home. Conferred with the Nobel peace prize in 1979 and the Bharat Ratna Award in 1980, her organization continues to serve the under privileged long after her death.

 2. Tom Alter


Born in India to American parents who worked as Christian missionaries, he was hooked on to Bollywood at an early age. Since then he has been actively involved in the English theatre and Hindi films as well and has contributed significantly to the entertainment industry. Tom Alter has acted in numerous films and Television shows.

 3. Annie Besant


Annie Besant was an Irish national who gained popularity as a freedom fighter in the Indian Independence struggle.  She was moved by the plight of the Indian people under the British rule and decided to join and contribute to the fight for freedom. She was the first woman president of the Indian National Congress.

 4. Sister Nivedeta


Sister Nivedeta originally called Margaret Elizabeth Noble, was the disciple of Swami Vivekananda and inspired by his teachings came to India and contributed to the welfare of Indian women. She set up schools for women when educating girls and women was not encouraged.

 5. Sonia Gandhi


Italian by birth, Sonia Gandhi was associated with India due to her marriage with Rajiv Gandhi the scion of the Gandhi family. After his untimely death, Sonia Gandhi took up the mantle of politics and has been actively involved in the workings of the Indian National Congress

 6. Ruskin Bond


Ruskin Bond is the famous author known for his contribution towards children’s literature. Born to British nationals, Ruskin Bond has set up home in the lovely hills of Mussoorie and continues to inspire writers all over the world.

 7. Jim Corbett


Jim Corbett was born to British nationals who moved to India when his father got posted in the post department in Nanital. Jim Corbett joined the British Indian army and was often called upon to hunt down tigers and leopards preying on the nearby villages. Jim Corbett took to wildlife conservation was actively involved in creating awareness among the people regarding safeguarding of wildlife and national heritage. It was his efforts that led to the government forming laws for the protection of wildlife animals and banning hunting and poaching. The famous sanctuary Jim Corbett national park is named after him.





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