Jattayu Park in Kerala is all set to open its gates to public in January 2016. Located in Chatatayamangalam, it is the same place where Jatayu- the mythical bird from Ramayana is said to have fallen from the sky. Ramayana is the story of Lord Ram and his reign where his righteousness and discipline became a benchmark on how kingdoms should be run. Ramayana also depicts how the demon king Ravana was defeated by Lord Ram and Goddess Sita was rescued after the battle between Ram and Ravana. Jatayu is famous for his efforts to save Goddess Sita from the clutches of the Demon King Ravana and later informing Lord Rama about it before breathing his last. This 100 crore worth Nature Park is one of its kind in India with 65 acres of land and set to boost tourism in Kerala.

5 things you should know about Jattayu Nature Park

1. Giant Jattayu Sculpture


One of the main highlights of the nature park is the Jattayu sculpture that is 200 feet long and almost 150 feet broad. It occupies a whooping 15000 square feet of area and is 70 feet in height. It is built at the exact spot where Jattayu is said to have fallen after his mid air battle with the demon King Ravana.

2. 6D theatre


The sculpture will have a 6D theatre which is the first in India and also house an audio-visual based digital museum. The museum will exhibit pictures depicting Ramayana.

3. Ayurvedic Cave Resorts


The Nature Park has cave resorts that will have Ayurveda treatments. Kerala is famous for Ayurveda and attracts a lot of tourists. The Ayurveda Cave resorts will come with all modern amenities yet retain their rustic charm. The surrounding nature will serve as the perfect setting for Ayurvedic packages.

4. Cable Car Ride


Cable car rides are quite popular owing to the view they offer. The Jattayu Nature Park will run on a 500 meter ropeway that will offer breathtaking views of the area. Special Cable car capsules are imported from Switzerland with a capacity of 400 people and the quality that meets international standards. All safety measures have been tested.

5. Adventure Park


The Jattayu Nature Park will have an adventure park that boasts of state of the art rides and activities. Experts and trained professionals have been roped in to design and maintain the theme park. Activities like paintball, laser tag, archery, rock climbing, mountain biking will be available along with some cool rides. The trek to the park of almost 1000 ft will be a thrilling adventure in itself.

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