With the tremendous advancement in the IT technology, India is becoming a hub for new innovations in the field of internet. As the world has become a global village, the country of India has been achieving several milestones in this village. There are many fields that are showing rapid growth. Let us discuss these aspects in detail.

Electronic Commerce

The rapid growth in the telecommunication technology in the past few decades has changed the life of Indians to a greater extent. Whether it is e-ticketing, online shopping, banks, multinational stores, hotels etc, we see the use of IT technology. India is a blessed country in this respect because it has its own talent that is producing applications and other similar products to facilitate the local business in the field of information technology. India has witnessed amazing progress in the sectors of business to consumer e-commerce (B2C) and business to business e-commerce (B2B). The retail e-commerce sales have increased from $2.3 billion to $18.0 billion and these sales are expected to grow rapidly in the upcoming years. According to the statistics, the e-commerce sales are 0.9 percent of all the retail sales in India and the number is growing day by day. According to the statistical data, the total online purchasers in India will be 41 million by 2016 and it is about 27 percent of all the internet users in India. Now all the essential accessories are available through online services in India.

Health and Physical apps and services

Indian developers are manufacturing amazing devices that help to monitor the physical condition of the man. In this respect, Kanav Kohol has made a device named Swastaya Slate. This device contains 33 sensors that help to monitor different aspects like blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood hemoglobin urine, protein, and heart rate, diseases such as HIV, dengue, syphilis, and malaria. Tele medicine sector is also making tremendous progress in India. In this respect, huge local and foreign investment has been launched to start new projects.


Education is an essential element for any society to make a rapid economic growth. In the educational institutions of India, ranging from schools to universities, the internet has been playing a key role in this respect. India has a huge population of kids that are residing in the remote areas. The government of India is planning to spread education throughout the country with the help of internet. Distant learning programs are helping to a greater context in this respect. The universities are developing educational software to help the students to develop their skills in various subjects. This system is also helping to enhance the overall literacy rate of India. The phenomenon of e-learning is also making its place in the society of India.

Agriculture and use of internet

Despite low literacy rate in the countryside of India, several companies are using internet devices that can be connected to the smartphones. These devices provide real-time information about the crops, diseases of crops and irrigation system. This system helps to educate the local farmers of the India. Over and above this, it also helps to create awareness among the masses. As the agriculture is the backbone of India, implementation of new information technology is helping to escalate the overall progress in the sector of the agriculture. Now the farmers have access to the newly available tools to increase their per acre yield. These little things are changing India and the world is now witnessing India as a new growing economy of the world.

When we combine all these factors we can conclude that India is now witnessing an era of information technology revolution.

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