We get to take a lot of inspiration from bollywood movies. But there are some amusing things that bollywood movies taught us about Indian Weddings! Read on to know more 😀

The last moment change game

Movies like ‘Hasee toh Phasee’ and ‘Singh is Kinng’ taught us that no matter who the mandap is set for, one of the souls can change the very last moment to set the story right. Yes! Its the same mandap, same guests just a lil change in the duo.

Pehchaan kaun?

SRK starrer ‘Rab ne bana di jodi’ taught us that you won’t recognize your partner in a different look. With a haircut and wardrobe makeover he is an all new being you might fall in love with. And might elope too.

Magic of the Ghunghat/Sehra

Kidnap the bride, put on her dress and with a deep ghunghat you can marry the person she was supposed to get married to, and likewise for the guy. Like wow! We can relate this to the blockbuster ‘3 idiots’ and many other daily soaps.

Honeymoon is more joyous when you ‘Go-single’

Yeah the Megahit movie ‘Queen’ starring Kangna Ranaut taught us how you can enjoy your honeymoon alone after a breakup.

Sindoor knows its destination

The movie ‘Mujhse Dosti Karoge’ taught us that if you are marrying the person who is not meant for you, don’t you worry the sindoor will fall on the forehead of the right one!

No matter how lame these movies can be at times but we still love them, don’t we? Because sometimes being insane is more fun than being sane.


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