Since it’s begin almost 170 years prior by the British, trains have been an essential piece of Indian lives yet I’m certain not a lot of know all these stunning certainties:

  1. Separation Covered : The aggregate separation secured by the 14,300 prepares every day on the Indian Railways day by day levels with three and half times the separation to moon.
  2. Latrine: Toilets on trains were initially presented in 1891 in first class and in 1907 in lower classes.
  3. Air Cooling : Air Cooling was initially presented in first class mentors in 1874 in Great Indian Peninsular Railway
  4. Longest Tunnel : The nation’s longest passage is Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel 11.215 km that was finished in December 2012 in Jammu and Kashmir. The passage is yet to end up useful railroad course.
  5. Underground Railway :First Underground Railway that was opened for open use was Calcutta Metro.
  6. Mechanized Reservations : First Reservation through the PC System initiated in New Delhi in the year 1986.
  7. Electric Trains : First Electric mentor kept running on the third February 1925 between Bombay VT and Kurla stations.
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  8. Royal residence on Wheels : Indians were not permitted to board the Palace on Wheels extravagance train for a long time when it was propelled on Republic Day of 1982.
  9. Traveler Load : The Indian Railways (IR) continues 25 million travelers day by day which is maybe more than the whole populace of Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania set up together.
  10. Aggregate Number of Trains : Indian Railways keeps running upwards of 19,000 prepares each day. Somewhere in the range of 12,000 trains are for travelers and 7,000 for cargo.
  11. Number of Stations : The entire system has 7,083 stations
  12. Charges : Even after late climb, passages on long separation ventures on the IR can be considered least expensive on the planet. Case in point, 1,500 km venture on Delhi-Kolkata course by Kalka Mail costs around Rs 250.
  13. Travel Trains : Mumbai’s neighborhood trains are amongst the world’s few to have 15 mentors. Shanghai’s nearby prepares approach with 12 mentors.
  14. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus : CST in Mumbai takes into account 33 million travelers every year and is the main end on the planet to be recorded as a landmark of worldwide legacy by UNESCO.
  15. Most seasoned Operational Track : Ever since its beginning in 1853, the rail administration in India never turned back making it one of the most established track on the planet.
  16. Rail Museum: The National Rail Museum in Delhi set up in 1977 is an one of the remarkable exhibition halls in Asia. Sprawled over a zone of 11 sections of land the exhibition hall has accumulations like obsolescent steam motors, trains, models, carriages, photos in addition to other things.
  17. Income : Indian Railways gathered Rs.581 Crores in fines + charges on ticketless go in amid the budgetary year 2011-12.
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