The state of Goa is famous as a traveler’s paradise and the tourist capital of India, located on the western coast of India. Rated frequently, among the World’s best holiday destinations, it provides a fascinating holiday experience to the people that come across. The state of Goa mesmerizes people with its glittering beaches, lush green hills, historical forts, and incredible combination of sun, sand and sea.

Some eminent places of this region are:

Beaches in Goa

More than 30 beaches of Goa are extending over 105km coastline, and all are characteristically very different. The vast coastal area is broadly divided in North and South beaches.

Madrem beach lies in the North of Goa and it is considered among the most beautiful beaches in Asia, preferred by newly married couples. The secluded beach provides them a full of romance package by ensuring their privacy.

Vagator beach is known as quiet and calm beach located 21km North of Panaji the capital of Goa. It’s one of the most charming beaches in Goa, providing its visitors a relaxing environment. Coconut trees, Red cliffs and Disco valley of Vagator beach are the things, people remember years after their visit.

Water Sports in Goa

Perhaps the most appealing things for visitors are a large number of “Water Sports”.Goa is not just about beaches, in fact, it’s much more than that. In 1990, National Institute has been found as an autonomous body for providing information, training and education on areas relating water sports. It offers an opportunity for water lovers to enjoy themselves world-class water sports. You can enjoy things like Snorkeling, Bumper Ride, Banana Ride, Water Rafting and much more.

Flora and Fauna

Goa is also a perfect place for nature lovers, its green forestland, is home for more than 275 species of birds, over 48 species of animals and over 1512 species of plants. There are many well-known National parks like Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and Molem Wildlife Sanctuary. Among trees Bamboo, coconut trees, and Maratha is the most famous. The atmosphere and the weather are also awesome and it is really a good place to enjoy your holidays with your family or even with your girlfriend.


Festivals of Goa

Party lovers feel most comfortable in “Goa carnival”. Goa celebrates this carnival in February for 3 days and 3 nights and this carnival is exceptional and special to only Goa. “Goa festival” is held to welcome, the arrival of spring. This festival is meant for marry making, party, drinking, and feasting.

Foods of Goa

It is famous about Goa that a trip to the beach and Goan food can change your mood entirely. Seafood is considered most important and the Goan food is incomplete without fish. Kokum is used most commonly in Goan food. Some of the most delicious and demanding foods are Goan Fish Curry, Goan Prawn Curry, Fish Recheado, Bebinca and many more.

Monuments in Goa

The Mughal-Portuguese style architecture like “The Madrid City walls” attracts the lovers of art. Some of these classical buildings have been restructured and converted into museums like “The Christian Art Museum”. “Basilica De Bom Jesus” is one of the most famous monuments in Goa, constructed in the year 1605 and it is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.


Life Style Of Goans

Goans (people of Goa) are famous worldwide by their unique identity and their friendly nature. The warm and large-hearted nature of Goans is one of the main reasons why tourists never lose their charm and enjoy themselves at their peak. They are passionate people about food, music, parties, style and they are always proud of it. Art and music are considered in their blood and they take life in an easy pace, enjoying each and every day.

Their friendly appreciating nature made it happen that every time when you visit Goa, you will feel like coming to a new home.

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