The “pink city” Jaipur is famous worldwide for its unique architecture, forts, monuments, palaces and unique food. This magnetic city is the capital of Rajasthan state and located at a distance of 260km from New Delhi (capital of India).Amber fort, Nahargarh fort, Birla temple, Albert hall has always remained on the priority list of tourists.

Jaipur……The Pink City

Jaipur is popularly known as “Pink City” because most of the stones used in old heritage buildings are pink. These pinkish stones remind about “The red stone” which was commonly used by Mughal rulers. The romantic pink tint is an exceptional feature of Jaipur’s history. One always falls short with words when he tries to describe beauty and charm of Jaipur’s monuments.


Indian Vastu Shastra says that “The Pink city” was planned by Bengali architecture, Vidyadhar Bhattacharya in 1727. The famous “Three Gates” reveals that the city is made with a sound knowledge of architecture. Jaipur is the first planned city of India and it is said that the founder architecture (Vidyadhar) consulted many books before making the blueprint of the city.

Jaipur architecture is distinguished among the others because of its technical details and flawless planning. “The Pink City” is among the pre-modern cities of India because of the orderliness of streets and division of streets into six sectors by broad streets (almost 34 meters). The beauty of architecture is well seen when someone woke up early in the morning and walk leisurely in Jaipur streets as the traffic is not much in the morning and without any disturbance, he can take a good look at its beauty.

Jaipur…….“The Heritage City”

Jaipur is known worldwide because of its rich heritage, customs, unique festivals, and hundreds of years old monuments. Among the most remarkable arts are “Kathak” and “Tamasha”. “Kathak” is the most common dance style and “Tamasha” is famous puppet dance show.

One of the things that largely attract visitors is perhaps a large number of crafts, that’s is not only famous in the country but also worldwide. The highly skilled crafts reveals their inborn characteristic of hard work. Some of the famous crafts are block-printing, stone carving, tarkashi, zari gota.

The Forts

The trip to Jaipur is incomplete without visiting “Forts” and “Palaces”. Among them Amber fort, Mahargarh fort, Jaigarh fort, Hawa mahal and Jantar Mantar are most famous.

Beautiful “Jantar Mantar” features World’s largest stone sundial and UNESCO recognized it as World heritage site.

Five story palace Hawa Mahal “a signature of unusual architecture” is made of red and pink sandstone. The top offers an excellent view over the city. There is also a museum built behind the Hawa Mahal.


Like Jaipur’s exceptional buildings, it festivals are also unique and found nowhere other. One of the most famous events is “Elephant festival” It is held in the month of March every year. In this event, the elephant is decorated and the most beautiful elephant is awarded, along with polo match and tug of war contest.

Jaipur “literature festival” is Asia’s most prestigious festival which is held each year during the month of January. The festival directors are the writers and it is totally a literary festival.

Jaipur’s Local Dishes

The Pink city has a variety of dishes including Dal, Baati and churma. Laal Maas is one of the most favorite dishes of non-vegetarians. There is a vast variety of local dishes from the Ghewar which is a sweet dish to the Pyaaz Kachchories which is considered as a favorite of locals with a hot cup of tea. Rajastani Sabji, Mirchi Bada, and Mawa Kachori are other common dishes.

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