Mysteries have always been a source of fascination and intrigue to mankind. The biggest proof is perhaps the net sales of Mystery novels of the likes of Sherlock Holms. But putting fiction aside, there are actual mysteries that are still waiting to be solved, and India has it’s own fair share of these. Some of the biggest controversies are still gigantic question marks which can be straightened out only after the invention of a time machine!


Though some of these mysteries are based on mere speculations, there are others that have surprising evidence in favor. Some mysteries date back to hundreds of years while others date to just a few years back.  While no one knows how this is going to straighten out, and with no one being able to solve it for themselves, these mysteries remain unsolved. Though there are hundreds of mysteries in India, these are some that have been pondered over for years with no possible logical conclusion. Readers are more than welcome to post their views! Who knows, you might have the answer to some of these even!


Taj mahal- A Shiva temple?

This one has been taking rounds for a few years now. Though this was initially considered to be a rumor, now there are documentaries vouching for it. The Taj Mahal as we know it was made by Shah Jahan in the memory of his loving wife. It is home to the King’s and his wife’s corpse and there are hundreds of Muslims who worship this monument. But, now there are some signs that say that the Taj mahal was constructed even before Shah Jahan himself was born and was a Shiva temple originally. The Mughals, it seems captured this temple and removed all traces of it being a Hindu temple, except for the symbol of a trident, considered Shiva’s weapon, right on top of the dome. There are also other indications in the form of conches and architecture that support this.Taj mahal



The death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

The official story of Netaji’s death was that the plane he was leaving in exploded to flames right on the runway.



Though initially he was able to leavsubhash-chandra-bosee from the rear door of the plane, Netaji was soaked with gasoline and the fire which started seconds later claimed his life. However, Netaji’s supported refused to believe this and said he faked his own death. Netaji had been known to make disappearances before and they believed this was one of is schemes. He was believed to have taken the life of a sadhu in an ashram in Shaulmari. The government of India set up three individual committees to resove this issue. Though two committees collaborated with the official story, the third commission gave evidences in favor of the unofficial story, making the death of Subhash Chandra Bose a mystery.






Emperor Asoka’s nine men

King Asoka is known to be one of the most honorable kings India has ever had. He renounced his Kingship and pursued a life of preaching and enlightenment after he saw what war can do to people. Asoka’s good deeds have been widely sung around, but the emperor also did have a dark side. In order to become King, legend has it that Asoka killed all his brothers except for the youngest one, whom he appointed as a counselor in his court. But legend has it that Asoka had a trusted band of nine men. These men, whose identities were unknown even then, were said to poses nine books written by Asoka that had information on advanced physiology, microbiology, politics and propaganda. These books have been known to be passed on for generations and the identity of the present nine men is still as unknown as their ancestors.

ashoka nine-red





The Iron Pillar of India

1600-years-old-iron-pillar-Qutub-Minar-complex,-Delhi162The Iron pillar of India is regarded a historic piece of art that has stood rust free for close to 1600 years. Chemists have performed hundreds of analysis and have found that the rust free nature of this pillar made form 98% wrought iron comes from its coat of Iron Hydrogen Phosphate Hydrate. This was found with the most advanced tools in the most advanced labs in the world. But are we really so advanced if the creators could make this coat 1600 years ago? More importantly, where did they get the resources and knowledge from if the periodic table was only found in the 19th century?



Prahlad Jani- the man who lives on nothing!

Prahalad janiA day without food is a nightmare for us. Imagine a week! Now imagine 75 years without it! This is what Prahlad Jani also called Mataji claims. The god man has said that he has lived without food since 1940. Now obviously tall claims like this needs to be busted, and investigations and observations were carried out. Prahalad Jani was put to test twice where cameras were kept around and in his facility and no food or water was given to him for 15 days straight. After these 15 days, Mataji was found to be perfectly healthy and had the life signs of a 40 year old male! Awesome life skills indeed!



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