As an Indian if you happen to visit any part of the world, whether you are or not, you will be identified as a computer geek! Thanks to the incredible achievements of the IT professionals, at home and abroad, we, Indians are considered the harbingers of the ‘New Age knowledge society’, smart and duly connected. An amazing confidence booster, isn’t it?

As just below the lantern, lies the darkness, the picture is not that rosy back home. The phenomenal accomplishments of the IT industry could not reach the farthest corners of the country, resulting in the coexistence of proverbial Bharat and India. Consequently, the digital divide is restraining the country to realize its potential.

But, we are in no mood of being held back. The digital literacy, we are spreading, to help the downtrodden to hop on to the embellished new age sports car (replacing the age-old buggy or cart), zooming its way into the world that we created for others. With the flagship program of ‘Digital India’ by the Indian government, the Nitro boosters have been added and we are ready to race the wind.

Statistics show an unprecedented rate of increase in mobile penetration in the country. According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) report, in June 2015, the number of mobile phone subscribers had almost touched the billion figure mark, 980.81 million to be precise, that’s 80% of our population (much more than the number of PCs)!

Hence, a channel has been dug. Technology is making its way to the lowest of the social strata. All what is required is to consolidate and leverage the present infrastructure.

The average internet speed is so abysmally low that Google had to add an offline viewing mode in YouTube especially for India!

Sadly, all the furore over 3G and 4G is an urban phenomenon, rural India is still grateful to be able to relish the nibble of 2G technology. The Active Internet User (AIU) base in rural India is growing, though sluggishly. As per a study, mobile Internet is projected to reach 314 million users by 2017. Do you think the projection match the potential of the country?


India has the third largest Internet user base in the world out of which more than 50 percent are mobile-only internet users. However, the Internet penetration in India at 19 per cent is quite low compared to other developed and developing economies.

The country is waiting to be connected with high-speed fiber optic broadband highways to lay the foundation of the smart city with smart governance. Service delivery channels will be augmented, heralding the rise of much needed e-governance in the country, transparent, accountable and responsible. It is heartening to know that the Indian government has already begun on the lines of creating the e-governance framework.

Heard of

”Discuss, Do and Disseminate”, people, like you and me, can now participate and engage more actively in the decision-making process. Power, in the true sense, is ready to be handed over to the real possessor, the common citizenry.

Once digitized, you can let your imagination go wild. With the stupefying technology at everyone’s disposal, education, medicine,agriculture, tourism, science, research, infrastructure, industry, name any field, literally, the sky is the limit.

Brace yourself to expect the unexpected, real soon!

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