Learning outside of the classroom is an age old adage to the education system in India. Knowing this, what better way to educate yourself while on a vacation to India? Great scholars, business people, and world changers were born in India, and it would only be in the optimal interest of the adventurer to explore these cities themselves.

  1. Science City, Kolkata

The Science City of Kolkata offers a unique blend of leisure and education. Within it’s center, one can explore the Science Center, Amusement Park, and Convention Center. It is the largest science center in the Indian subcontinent and is a must see for Indian tourists. It also features five galleries, including the Dynamotion Hall: demonstrating the laws of science with a practical twist. Another gallery, Evolution Park, speaks about human evolution through robotics and the Space Oddesy. Overall, this is a can’t miss attraction for tourists thirsting for education and adventure.

  1. Indian Habitat Center, Delhi

The Indian Habitat Center is the most extensive convention center in the country. Often abbreviated at IHC, it was initially built as a platform to promote education and multidisciplinary public awareness. It is home to the Learning Center, Library and Resource Center, Habitat Film Club, and Visual Arts Gallery. The IHC is also a host for many non-profit organizations and holds cultural performances and fine dining options.

  1. The National Library, Kolkata

The National Library is the largest library in India. Here, curious students can find eminent printed material of national importance. The library has lush gardens and is housed in a stunning white building. It was first open to the public on January 30, 1903, and post-independence was renamed and shifted to the Belvedere Estate where is now currently resides.

  1. The Nehru Center, Mumbai

This center was accredited to the great visionary: Jawahar Lal Nehru. This center of astronomy is one of the greatest educational sites in all of India. It runs an hour long program detailing the ultimate space oddessy, and eduacates its listeners to the formation and discovery of planets, stars, and other celestial bodies. Ther is an extensive library included, along with a cultural center and an art gallery.

  1. The Regional Museum of Natural History, Mysore

This red-brick museum is a popular landmark in Mysore. It features sections like Biological Diversity and Life Through the Ages. It showcases geological wealth and in-depth studies on the Western Ghats. It demonstrates ecological symbiosis, highlights the importance of conservation of natural resources. Future plans include additions focusing on ecology and India’s natural heritage.

All of the above-mentioned centers are child-friendly and fun for all ages. They are the perfect destination for any kind of Indian tourist.

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