The green islands of Lakshadweep and calm ambience of the silent waters all combine together to make it the perfect vacation spot. It is a peninsula with twelve atolls, three reefs, and five submerged banks; all in all, there are about thirty-six islands spread out over thirty four square kilometers. The question you should ask about this wonderful destination is: what do I do once I get there?

What to do and See in Lakshadweep?

The Golden Jubilee Museum on the Agatti Island: Agatti Island has a rich culture all its own. The Golden Jubilee Museum offers an impeccable display of traditional Minicoy sailboats, antique jars and pots, wooden chests, and glittering gold coins.

Scuba Diving on Kadmat Island: Kadmat Island is the best place in Lakshadweep to go scuba diving because of its long and narrow design. If adventure and exquisite marine wild life are the two top things on your vacation list, this island is the one for you.


Lighthouse Lagoon: Minicoy is the second largest island situated in the southernmost part of Lakshadweep. Its lighthouse was constructed in 1885 and the crescent shaped sands create one of the Lake’s largest lagoons.

The Beauty of Karavatti Island: Karavatti Island is home to an astounding amount of marine wildlife. Everywhere you look there are starfish, anemones, sea cucumbers, and countless species of fish among the coral. The famous Chicken Neck Point is perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Parelli Island: Parelli Island is famous for its hermit crabs. You can find them scuttering across the sands of the beaches. This island is perfect if you have curious children waiting to interact with the wildlife on your vacation.

  • Scuba Diving: Many people come to Lakshadweep for the sole purpose of scuba diving. Kadmat Island is the best place for this: lion fish, lobsters, tuna, rays, sharks, shoaling jacks, fusiliers, sweet lips, groupers, rays, els, and turtles are among the many species that you will see while you snorkel beneath the surface.


  • Fishing: If you love scuba diving, you will also love fishing! Boating companies will sponsor your big-game fishing events, and kayak fishing is also available if that fits your touristing needs. If luck is in your favor, you may find yourself catching a large tuna, shark, or marlin!


  • Snorkeling: Snorkeling is an easy and accessible adventure on Lakshadweep. You can rent a snorkel tube and float in the island water for hours. The best months for snorkeling are October through May, so if this is the focal point of your trip…try to plan it around this time!
  • Kite Surfing: Any island among the many that make up Lakshadweep are perfect for kite surfing. If this is something that fits your niche, then there are plenty of opportunities to surf through the tropical waters.


  • Local Cuisine: The local food found on Lakshadweep is absolutely delicious. Famous for their mouth-watering seafood, your trip is not complete until you encounter the incredible coconut sauce cooked with any fresh fish you would like.


  • Coral Gazing: Part of the magic of Lakshadweep is its wide array of coral reefs. They are amazingly colorful, and the deep blue waters serve to accentuate the reefs even more.
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